What is PotenCX?

PotenCX is a carefully selected mix of powerful sexual herbs and homeopathic substances, all geared towards increasing your penis size, boosting sexual endurance, libido and a getting and sustaining a strong erection. The ingredients have been extracted from all over the world and are all well-known for their respective qualities.

Besides being proven to work for centuries, they were also tested and during our Clinical trial for over two years in our Medical Research Facility in New York. The outcome is a pill that is guaranteed and proven to increase your penis size and boost your potency. It is the ultimate male sexual supplement!

What effects can I expect the first few weeks?

The first few days you will notice an increase in your libido. During intercourse you will be able to last longer and have stronger orgasms, and you overall performance will be longer and stronger.

The following few weeks (3-4 weeks) you will gradually notice an increase in penis size, especially during erection. This growth will continue even stronger the second and third month.

Is it safe to use?

PotenCX is an all-natural product no chemicals or dangerous substances were used in the production of the pills. PotenCX has successfully undergone a Clinical Trial in which both the effectiveness and the safety of the pills were proven.

How much do I need?

PotenCX comes in bottles of 60 pills, of which you need to take two daily (one with breakfast and one with dinner). Each bottle is a month's supply.

How does it work?

To get an understanding of how PotenCX works, you first need to understand the penile anatomy. The penis and its size is determined by 3 blood chambers (the Corpora Covernosa are the two biggest, the Corporus Spongisum is the head of the penis and significantly smaller). When sexually aroused, these chambers fill up with blood.

Penis enlargement works by two effective techniques. Firstly, PotenCX stimulates the production of cells in the penile chambers or Corpora. This will increase the capacity of the chambers, allowing for a bigger erection. At the same time, PotenCX increases the blood flow to the penis significantly, so that the chambers are further stretched and more erect.

This produces significant and permanent results of an average 3.02 inches increase in length! PotenCX also has ingredients to boost libido and endurance, and keep the penis erect during intercourse for longer periods of time.

What happens when I order?

When you order, you are taken to a secure page to handle payment. Your privacy and security are completely safeguarded by state of the art encryption. After your order is placed you will receive your bottle(s) shortly, packed discretely.